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Eversheds Sutherland provides thought leadership, legal updates and horizon scanning through our events, webinars and training courses. Our programme of events, webinars and training courses are designed to keep you up to date with key challenges you face on a daily basis.

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Upcoming events, webinars and training

  • Current developments in employment law - returning to business as normal?

    As vaccine programmes promise new hope, employers and the Government are looking to move beyond the pandemic and plan for the future - a future outside the European Union. Will the Government return to its employment manifesto commitments, or has COVID-19 reset policy priorities? What is achievable? How will the pandemic change HR practices in the long term?
  • European HR - managing multi-jurisdictional projects

    Managing teams of people is challenging at the best of times. Working across European borders in multiple jurisdictions is even more difficult due to cultural and legal differences. Heavily regulated employment law regimes that differ significantly in their approach can also pose additional challenges, particularly in light of the COVID-19 crisis and the severe impact it is having on economies across the globe.
  • French employment law training

    Based on the Napoleonic code and amended by statute ever since, French employment law is markedly different from the UK’s.
  • German employment law training

    Germany is a major trading partner for many countries throughout the world, not to mention the most important single market in the European Union.
  • In-house Counsel Legal Updates

    We are delighted to invite you to our first webinar series of In-house Counsel legal updates. We will be running 20 minute updates with Q&A on a range of topics. We understand what it takes to be in-house. We know the pressures you are under and the issues you have to tackle on a daily basis. These free events are about giving you the knowledge, news and networking opportunities to help you in your roles. They have proved very popular in the past, so please book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Introduction to UAE employment law and DIFC

    Our course is designed for employers in the UAE. Our virtual session on Day 1 (4 May 2021) will consider the laws which apply to most UAE based employers in the UAE (onshore and free zones) and Day 2 (6 May 2021) will consider the laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) for DIFC based employers.
  • Labor and employee relations - the law and best practice for maintaining constructive relations

    Many senior managers lack experience of working with unions and employee representatives. This course is designed to address this need in a virtual format, providing a chance to learn from specialist labour lawyers with extensive practical experience of dealing with industrial relations issues both in the public and private sector.
  • Pensions education sector annual conference 2021

    Following the success of our pensions education sector conferences in 2019 and 2020, we will be holding our 2021 conference in our Birmingham office (subject to Covid19 government guidelines)
  • Pensions topical issues webinar

    The Regulator has been very busy of late. Since the Pension Schemes Act 2021 received royal assent in February, it has produced a steady stream (more like a river) of consultations, draft regulations and other publications. Many of these will require material changes to the way occupational pension schemes operate.
  • Principles of employment law in Asia-Pacific

    This course is aimed at employers who need a broad overview of the employment landscape in Asia-Pacific. Unlike the EU, where directives are implemented in each country but follow common principles, Asia-Pacific jurisdictions take very different approaches to HR legal issues. Even Hong Kong and China, which are one country, operate HR legal regimes which are polar opposites.
  • Spanish employment law training

    Spanish and UK labour systems differ greatly. Spanish employment law is mainly based on the regulations contained in the Collective Bargaining Agreement in force in the market sector. Sometimes a specific CBA can be negotiated for one company with the trade unions and employee representatives.
  • Webinar - Adjustments - What is reasonable ?

    When a disabled job applicant or employee is ‘substantially’ disadvantaged, the employer has a legal duty to make ‘reasonable’ adjustments. The difficulty is that what is reasonable depends upon the circumstances of each case, and upon the size and resources of the employer.
  • Webinar - An introduction to contracts for education institutions

    In this webinar we will look at : We will look at the legal essentials for contract formation and the meaning of some common clauses found in contracts.
  • Webinar - An introduction to trans-national agreements for educational institutions

    This session will cover an introduction to academic collaborations and contracts with international agents.
  • Webinar - Apprenticeship employer agreements

    This session will cover an introduction to these agreements and the ESFA Funding rules which underpin them.
  • Webinar - Charity law for educational institutions

    In this session we will cover key charity issues for institutions including:
  • Webinar - Company law refresher for education institutions

    We will provide a refresher on the administration of companies from a company law perspective.
  • Webinar - GDPR update for HR professionals

    Although the provisions of GDPR came into force in May 2018, the implications of the changes are still being felt. This is the six monthly update for HR professionals in the education sector.
  • Webinar - Hot topics for HR

    In this six monthly update, we will look at the recent and forthcoming changes with a particular focus on those most relevant for the education sector.
  • Webinar - HR essentials – managing difficult HR matters with confidence

    Line managers in the education sector can often lack the confidence to manage difficult people issues.
  • Webinar - Investigating and managing sexual harassment complaints – latest developments and key legal issues ?

    The issue of sexual harassment continues to be high profile with widespread local, national and international coverage across multiple sectors and jurisdictions. This has included widespread discussion and analysis of the issue in the education sector and an examination of how institutions currently deal with such allegations and whether their current practises and policies are fit for purpose.
  • Webinar - IP commercialisation for education institutions

    In this webinar we will look at : − what is IP? (TM/copyright/designs etc) − the importance of IP for institutions − sector-specific IP issues (charity/academic are not always employees/scholarly works) − questions for institutions to consider (eg What are your most valuable assets? What can be commercialised?)
  • Webinar - Joint ventures for educational institutions

    There are more models for joint ventures across the education sector than ever before: Institutes of Technology, research institutes, joint schools, UTC’s, National Colleges and service sharing vehicles to name but a few. Each of these models is unique and we could never explain the detail of each in one session. But all educational joint ventures have some key aspects in common and risks which should be considered. We will look at a framework for legally risk assuring any joint venture.
  • Webinar - Leveraging your estate to generate income and capital

    − Institutions increasingly recognise their estates as more than just the physical space they occupy. Their property interests can be valuable assets, with a central role to play in an institution’s financial future.
  • Webinar - Litigation Snapshot 2 - How to Effectively Handle and Resolve Student Claims

    Student claims are on the rise for a number of reasons including but not limited to the current economic conditions which give rise to more debt-related disputes and a greater use of internet research and resources which mean that institutions can be faced with having to deal with vexatious litigants. Institutions therefore need to have a firm strategy for handling those claims from the outset.
  • Webinar - Litigation Snapshot 4 - How to Effectively Settle a Dispute

    Education clients usually prefer to avoid litigation not least given the costs, time and resource involved. When faced with a dispute it is therefore important for the institution to make an informed decision on the best route to resolve the matter, in order to avoid litigation.
  • Webinar - Litigation Snapshot 5 - The Regulatory Regime and Public Law Challenges- a topical roundup

    In this session, we look at some topical issues arising out of the regulation of the sector
  • Webinar - Managing staff mental health and wellbeing

    There is increasing awareness of the impact of mental health issues on staff in educational establishments.
  • Webinar - Participation and liability management

    The Pensions team at Eversheds Sutherland are delighted to invite you to join our Participation and Liability Management Webinar. This webinar will be relevant for further and higher education institutions, schools and academy trusts.
  • Webinar - Protecting your IP when contracting with third parties - IP development and exploitation agreements

    In this webinar we will look at : − contract principles − early questions to consider: − what is the purpose of collaboration? − what IP may be generated? − who owns background IP?
  • Webinar - Restructuring, redundancy and contractual variation

    Restructuring is an important issue in the current economic climate. Institutions are facing uncertainty over the impact coronavirus on their various funding streams as well as the ongoing legacy of Brexit on areas such research funding and student recruitment and fees.
  • Webinar - Snapshot 3 - Topical issues relating to contractual claims

    This bite size webinar will look at some topical issues surrounding contractual claims particularly the light of the pandemic.
  • Webinar - Student contracts and consumer law compliance

    Higher education institutions and further education colleges continue to face close scrutiny of the compliance of their student contracts with consumer law, not just from the Office for Students, Office of the Independent Adjudicator and Competition & Markets Authority but also from students who are increasingly aware of their consumer and contractual rights and ready to challenge institutions where they perceive they have not been afforded those rights.
  • Webinar - Student mental health and information sharing

    In this webinar we will look at : There are a number of key data sharing issues currently facing higher education institutions and further education colleges in the context of student mental health and wellbeing.
  • Webinar - The skilled worker route - what do you need to know and how do you remain compliant?

    The new immigration regime has introduced fundamental changes to the recruitment and employment of non-British and Irish nationals.
  • Webinar - The student route – what do you need to know and how do you remain compliant?

    The replacement of the Tier 4 immigration route with the new Student and Child Student routes has introduced fundamental changes to the recruitment of non-British and Irish students.